As an experienced educator and counselor, I share my passion for helping children and teens with their support networks, which include leading faculty in-service workshops at Seattle-area schools, training graduate students and new school counselors, and facilitating parent education workshops.

school consultations and faculty in-service

Recognizing that each school has a unique culture, I am able to tailor my work to meet the needs of your community. In a consultant role, I can offer my expertise in creating or re-vamping your social-emotional programming or advisory system. This work is typically ongoing throughout the course of at least one, sometimes two, school years. Conversely, I offer one-time workshops during faculty in-service on a specific topic.


Professional Development for school counselors

As a counselor educator at Seattle University, I know the importance of providing quality professional development to all counselors in training and those already in the field. I've spoken at national conferences, such as NCGS and ASCA, as well as local conferences on a variety of topics ranging from creating peer education programs in high schools to middle school exploration to mentoring opportunities for new counselors.

Parent education workshops and community events

Of equal importance in my work with clients, is engaging the support network around them. I facilitate parent education workshops and host community events centered around a particular theme such as perfectionism, digital citizenship, and managing stress. This is an opportunity to create a community to share ideas, gain perspectives, and consider the social-emotional lens of the children and adolescents in our lives.